Sunday, July 24, 2011

The True Story of Alexander the Great HQ Documentary Film History Channel Free Full Download

Jim Lindsay
Jim Lindsay
Frantz Widmaier, Ross Seymour and Chad Bishop
894 MB
Tutored by Aristotle, helpless witness to his father's assassination, and a brilliant, pioneering tactician, Alexander the Great had conquered the known world--and sealed his legacy as one of history's most remarkable rulers--by the age of 25. In the year 334 B.C., 20-year-old King Alexander of Macedonia decided to bring the farthest reaches of the world under one domain.
Throughout the course of history, there are few who can claim the notable feat of having conquered the known world by the relatively tender age of 25 -- but then again not even the greatest military leaders of the 21st century can compare their lives or careers to that of Alexander the Great -- one of history's most notorious and debated conquerors. It was in the year 334 B.C. that the then-20-year-old King Alexander of Macedonia swore that he would bring the farthest reaches of the world under one domain, and over the course of the next decade he nearly accomplished his goal before succumbing from wounds sustained in battle at the age of thirty-two.

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