Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Mongrels is BBC Three\'s first adult puppet comedy. It tells the tale of a group of urban animals who hang out together an inner-city backyard.
The sitcom follows the day-to-day lives, trials and tribulations of Nelson, a metrosexual fox; Destiny, a pretentious pedigree \'it-bitch\'; Kali, a deeply cynical pigeon; Marion, an abandoned tom cat; and Vince, a streetwise geezer fox. They are kidults struggling with the everyday drama of life in the back-alleys of the urban jungle.
Mongrels is bold, mischievous, upbeat, surprising and colourful. It encompasses all human life, love and its contradictions - relationships, sex, aspirations, desperations and shattered dreams. The show also features cut-aways and flashbacks (a bit like Family Guy), musical songs and cameo appearances.
Be warned: contrary to appearances, this isn\'t a comedy for kids - and perhaps not for some adults either! It\'s got some rude words in it, lots of death, some close-to-the-bone jokes and other such things that stop it from ever approaching PG territory. For example: the first episode starts with a cat giving mouth-to-mouth to a dead granny. LOL
All in all this is truly a funny laugh out loud show! Give it a try and I\'m sure it will make your day.

Size: 6 GB
Video Format.........: MKV
Video Bitrate........: 1372
FPS..................: 23
Source...............: DVD 16x9
Original Format......: PAL
Genre................: Comedy
Number of Episodes...: 8

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